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Dirt Dart Eco-Blasting

Providing MOBILE and ecologically-responsible dustless blasting solutions for all customer applications: civil, commercial, residential, marine, agricultural, and automotive.

We use the Six Sigma methodology to maintain a safe and quality-conscious working environment. 

Why Dustless Blasting?

The cost of restoring the existing material of a project is usually a small fraction of the price of replacing the material.

When dealing with antique, historic, or classic items, restoration is not only  more desirable for aesthetic reasons but also a more economic choice because it is sometimes impossible to find replacement items that won’t reduce the value of the project.

A good example would be a standard wrought-iron gate. Normal restoration costs are around $10 a linear foot. A replacement would be around $25 a linear foot—and that is if you could locate an artisan that could duplicate the original look of the gate.

Using Dustless Blasting® is both better for your budget and considered the most ecologically-responsible method of media blasting. 100% recycled bottle glass is used for the blasting material. This water-based blast method contains and captures harmful dust and pulls it to the ground where the dust can be caught using a simple drop cloth or tarp—making cleanup both easy and environmentally safe. 

Dirt Dart Eco-Blasting Applications

Automotive restoration | Fleet vehicle graphic removal | Marine restoration and maintenance

Heavy-equipment refurbishment and maintenance | Agricultural implement restoration and maintenance

Infrastructure, bridge, and civil project renewal | Parking lot stripe removal | Historic site restoration

Wood restoration | Mold removal | Graffiti removal | Tank restoration

Asbestos abatement | Stenciling | Wood, metal, and glass etching

Refineries and oil fields | Offshore maintenance

Our Work

Who We Are

Our company is named after the term the U.S. Air Force personnel “affectionately” used for U.S. Army paratroopers during airborne operations.

Dirt Dart Eco-Blasting is owned and operated by its own Dirt Dart who is lucky enough to be married to—and share company ownership with—an honest to goodness Dope on a Rope, which is another story altogether.

Thank you for considering us for your project!